I am an Assistant Professor in Cinema & Digital Media at UC Davis and a faculty member in the ModLab. I teach courses in the history and theory of Film and Digital Media in both Cinema and Digital Media Program (the program formerly known as CaTS) as well as the Science and Technology Studies program. I work with graduate students in Performance Studies, Cultural Studies and other humanities programs. Before coming to Davis I completed my PhD at UC Berkeley in Film & Media and the Center for New Media.


My research looks at documentary practices across a range of media, from photography and film to data visualization and other digital forms.  I’m interested in the different forms we utilize to represent the world to ourselves and try to persuade others to share this same view.  My current book project looks specifically at the collision of documentary film and digital media in the United States post 9/11.  I demonstrate that the political conflict of the Bush Era pushed activists and artists to experiment with a range of tools that blended image making with other technologies including social networks, games, virtual environments and data analytics.

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